A Rising Star Intern: Meet Tom Andreae, Macalester Men’s Basketball Team Captain

August 12, 2023

At The Zachary Group, we are excited to welcome a new member to our team this summer - Tom Andreae, a team captain for the 2023-24 Macalester Men's Basketball season and an Economics major at Macalester College. We are eager to share his journey and accomplishments with our community.

Tom, a native of Newton, Massachusetts, brings with him not just his academic knowledge as an Economics major, but also a wealth of experience from his leadership role in athletics. As the team captain of the Macalester Men's Basketball team, Tom has demonstrated skills in teamwork, strategic planning, and leadership - qualities that we value highly in our company.

The nature of his dual role in academics and athletics offers Tom a unique perspective. We believe that the blend of theory learned in the classroom and the practical skills gained on the basketball court makes Tom a dynamic force in our team. His ability to balance and excel in these demanding roles speaks volumes about his commitment and resilience, traits that are essential in the fast-paced business world.

At The Zachary Group, we value the opportunity to work with individuals who are not just academically proficient, but who also bring diverse experiences and perspectives to the table. Tom's experience as a team captain will be beneficial in contributing to our collaborative work environment and enhancing our team dynamics.

We are excited to see how Tom's unique skill set will contribute to our projects this summer, and we have no doubt that his contributions will be significant. We look forward to a summer of growth, learning, and success with Tom.